Lancaster Family Tree

George Alfred Mustchin 

*1846 - †29 Aug 1898


a) [Sadie Mustchin.FTW] George Alfred Mustchin arrived on "Soukar" ship, travelled as Alfred MUSTIN ,assisted, sailed from Gravesend on 5/10/1875,arrived Lyttleton on 24/11/1 976. Return of freeholders 1882 Mustchin, George Alfred, Carpenter, Rangiora, Rangiora Borough 350 pound. Kaiapoi Electoral Roll 1878-1879; 1882-1884 Kaiapoi Electoral Roll- listed as freehold qualification. Property description is part section 3705, Fernside. Kaiapoi Electoral Roll 1878-79 freehold qualification , property listed as part section 53, Rangiora. Occupation listed as Farmer. Was listed as Hotel Proprietor at "The George Hotel" 102 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo, Sydney, with changes in Sydney City the address is now 760 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo. The George was totally rebuilt in the 1960's and still stands today. Lived in South Africa and worked on the railway Returned to his wife in 1898 very sick from South Africa and died three months later. Burial Plot: a54, Plot 114s, Inglewood Cemetery, New Zealand "The funeral of the late George Arthur Mustchin will leave his late rsidence in Moa Street, Inglewood for the cemetery, tomorrow (Wednesday), August 31 at 2.30pm. Friends will kindly accept this information. THOS DRAKE(Undertaker) Worthing 2b, page 571...December quarter 1866 Occupation was Joiner Sailed on "Soukar", assisted. Set sail on 5 October 1875. Arrived on 24 Jan 1876. Carpenter section 60, 61, 62 of Rural Se Elegible to vote 1878-1879 Elegible to vote 1882-1884 Paid Rangiora Borough £350 Hotel Proprietor Hotel Proprietor Proprietor Builder