Lancaster Family Tree

John Thomas Mustchin 

*6 Nov 1880 - †21 Jan 1974


a) [Sadie Mustchin.FTW] Painter foreman, Boarder Medway 2a, page 1304...June quarter 1905 Dartford 5b, page 890...March quarter 1947 This is the last will and testament of me, the undersigned, John Thomas MUSTCHIN, a widower at present residing at Johannesburg. I revoke all Wills, Codicils and other Testamentary Acts heretofore made by me. I appoint The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited, with power to act by its proper officers, to be the executor of this will and I direct that the said Bank shall not be called upon to furnish security for acting in such capacity. (This was declined by the bank) I bequeath my estate in equal shares to COLIN WYNDHAM WRIGHT and DAPHNE JANE MANYON WRIGHT or should one predecease me then the whole to the survivor of them. Should both predecease me then I bequeath my estate in equal shares to such of their children of the first degree as may be alive at the date of my death. I researve to myself the right from time to time to make all such alterations in or additions to this my will as I deem fit. Thus done and signed at Johannesburg on this the 17th day of February 1971 in the presence of the undersigned witnesses all being present at the same time. As witmesses (Although the names are not typed just signed what appears to be I have written) 1. C Price William Mustchin 2. R. A. Ormen

b) Ellen Footnote: District of Kingsnorth-On-Medway K U is mother of: Living Mustchin (*?)