Lancaster Family Tree

Charles Stuart Mustchin 

*3 Aug 1916 - †Jul 1995


a) [Sadie Mustchin.FTW] Australian Army Q48164 Date of Enlistment 2 September 1940 in Kelvin Grove QLD Date of Discharge 29 October 1940 Posting at Discharge 7 FLD Ambulance Reason for discharge: Compassionate grounds. Enlisted in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. National Archives record Series # B884, Control symbol Q48164, Barcode # 4462339 Charles Stuart was in the Ambulance Division. Charles applied for transfer to the RAAF on 6/11/41 Date of enlistment is 19/4/1941. Date of Discharge 17/7/1941. Reason for discharge:transfer to RAAF Royal Australian Air Force 414717 Warrant Officer Date of Enlistment 8 November 1941 in Brisbane, QLD Date of Discharge 3 March 1945 Posting at Discharge 7 Service Flying Training School Charles served in Canada during this time. Leaving from Melbourne 28/7/1942. Returning to Brisbane from Canada 26/7/1943. It is noted that Charles suffered from bronchial infections during his time in Canada Plumber